Whether you are looking to set up a brand new palletizing operation or rethink your current standard palletizing solution, Nortech is able to help you get started with a fully automated end-of-line system. We can integrate Fanuc and Motoman material-handling multi-axis robotic arms that are known for their speed and reliablity


Quickly and easily configure product scep and pallet patterns with our easy-to-use TETRISOFT application right from the HMI interface.


Nortech’s robotics division is able to design, build and integrate a palletizing system for a variety of industrial applications. Various end-of-arm-tooling styles allow for flexibility in creating a system that suits your particular palletizing needs. We have experience in creating systems that handle bags, cartons, pails and kegs and we are capabale of designing for virtually any type of product. Our solutions can be custom tailored no matter what the weight, size, or shape of your container or material. In addition to product placement our systems can handle pallets, tier sheets, and slip sheets.

Increased Productivity
Fast Cycle Rates and High Throughput
Accurate Repeatable Placement
Lower Maintanance Costs Than Standard Palletizers


In addition to palletizing automation, Nortech can just as well design, build, and integrate your robotic depalletization system. We use Fanuc and Motoman material-handling multi-axis robot arms to automate the unloading of incoming material.As with all Nortech robotic solutions, your depalletizing system is always built with safety, dependability, and efficiency in mind.

Case and Carton Depalletizing
Bag Depalletizing
Bulk Depalletizng
Mixed Load Depalletizng