Robotic Integration


Nortech Packaging offers turn-key integrated solutions based on several types of robotic arms. Robotic arms can feature different end-of-arm tooling which makes them suitable for specific applications. Applications cover various aspects of packaging automation: product loading, case erecting, case loading, case sealing, labeling, and palletizing. Nortech is with you every step of the way, from initial concept design, to build, to installation, and training. Nortech Packaging is here to make sure your robotic packaging solution is implemented successfully through every step. Our solutions are always built with safety, dependability, and efficiency in mind. All Nortech robotic packaging systems feature user-friendly controls that allow your workers to operate the system without extensive training, or programming knowledge.


These bundling stations are fast, zero-pressure, zero-damage solutions that won’t compromise the integrity of your sensitive medical or pharmaceutical products. The Raptor and Raptor – R series bundling system is a total solution for all your wrapping and banding needs. Benefits and advantages of these bundling packaging machines are easy integration into existing packaging lines and quick bundling of most standard products.

This banding and wrapping machine can be used with cartons, bottles, trays and more. Raptor and Raptor-R can be found in two different models – robotic and non-robotic. The key features of this bundler machine are collation and aggregation with various banding and wrapping styles, compact and efficient footprint, and easy integration into existing packaging lines, without sacrificing valuable space and time.



Nortech’s robotics division is able to design, build, and integrate a palletizing system for a variety of industrial applications. Various end-of-arm-tooling styles allow for flexibility in creating a system that suits your particular palletizing needs. We have experience in creating systems that handle bags, cartons, pails, and kegs. By relying on our extensive experience we are capable of designing for virtually any type of product. Our solutions can be custom tailored no matter what the weight, size, or shape of your container or material. In addition to product placement, our systems can handle pallets, tier sheets, and slip sheets.

If you are looking to set up a brand new palletizing operation, or rethink your current standard palletizing solution, look no further. Nortech is able to help you get started with a fully automated end-of-line system. We can integrate Fanuc, and Motoman material-handling multi-axis robotic arms that are known for their speed, and reliability.



In addition to palletizing automation, Nortech can just as well design, build, and integrate your robotic depalletization system. We use Fanuc and Motoman material-handling multi-axis robot arms to automate the unloading of incoming material. As with all Nortech robotic solutions, your depalletizing system is always built with safety, dependability, and efficiency in mind.



Nortech can design, and build your complete robotic case loading system. Additionally, we can integrate a complete loading system that includes case erection, case sealing, labeling, and palletization. Robotic case loading systems offer many advantages over standard mechanical special-purpose solutions. In the majority of cases, our solutions greatly reduce labor costs and increase loading rates. The versatile nature of robotic arms allows for fast adaptability to any case loading application. We can tailor your system to any type of conveyor type, and layout. Easily interchangeable grippers provide gentle product handling, as well as the ability to perform multiple functions on multiple lines, even in a single robot configuration.

Case Loading


Looking for improved box erecting? Nortech Packaging has developed a modular solution for easy integration into a new, or an existing packaging line. The Erector System is ideal for high- speed case erecting, and fully integrated loading. With our case erector, you can modernize your production line, increase flexibility, and lower labor costs.

Case Erecting


Handle packaged products on a moving conveyor and track and trace packing with Nortech Packaging’s new visual line tracking software. Line tracking software allows you to optimize your packaging system. It can be smoothly incorporated in an existing packaging line and it is an important component in a track and trace process. Our system also offers a compact solution for a track and trace palletizers. This solution provides every shipping case with a label containing detailed information about the content of the case.

Line Tracking


Before you invest in a full system integration, Nortech can provide robotic simulation services. Test your solution in the virtual world without spending a cent on hardware or committing to a full-scale build! With the help of our software we can very closely emulate the capabilities of the robot, and real-world work-cell conditions. We use the data collected during these simulations to gain a better understanding design for easier troubleshooting and optimization.