GET YOUR PRODUCTS READY FOR SHIPPING AND STACKING! Our Case Packers are a natural extension to our product line, developed by our partner company, Tishma Technologies. Our mission is to offer our customers complete turnkey solutions, and that is why our dedicated team designs and builds case packing machinery that is easy to integrate into any packaging line. Our case packers feature high-speed product handling and flexible collation systems. Tishma Technologies case-packing equipment supports all case formats regardless of case type or size (side-load, top-load, bottom-load, and wrap-around). We utilize the latest technology to achieve exceptional Overall Equipment Efficiencies to maximize our customer’s performance and returns on their investments. Models can are available with pre-stacking case conveyors, user-friendly HMI operator interface, tape/glue closing, and small overall footprints.


The TT-1200T Top-Load Case Packer is one of our most compact case packing machines. This small case packer features adjustable speeds, multiple pack orientations, and low case loading height. The quick and easy changeover allows you to work with corrugated cardboard cases of different sizes.


The TT-1300S Case Packer is a Side Load Case Packing Machine that provides flexible collation systems and high-speed product handling. With a quick changeover, it can handle a wide range of corrugated box sizes. Increase your efficiency with the TT-1300S case packer featuring manual, robotic, or collation system case loading.


The TT-1400L is a vertical case loading module that is easy to integrate into any packaging line. TT-1400L features adjustable speeds, overall compact footprint, and it can reach speeds up to 20 indexes per minute.